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New Products for 2012

They’re finally here – new products for 2012!

I’ve been dying to show all of you some new products that I offer to clients. Brand new albums, books, cases, and displays!

Instead of making separate blog posts every few weeks, I decided to place all my new products into one mega-blog post since they’ve been long overdue for show and tell. This means, get ready to see a TON of photos.

If you wish to know more information about any of these items (sizes, rates, etc) then shoot me an e-mail or use the contact tab above. I’d love to help out.

Also, I hope you guys enjoy my awesome carpet.



  • New Slipcovers!  These classy, stylish covers are made to protect your precious flush-mount album.  The ‘Black Stripes’ slipcover is shown below.  It comes with a two-button closure and an optional ribbon to match your album.  Different colors and designs are available.


  • Introducing the new flush-mount wedding album.  It comes standard in luxurious, thick leather with a print cameo on the front cover.  Your names and the date of your wedding will be engraved.  It’s the classic wedding album.  60-page 10×10 album shown – more sizes and colors are available.  A photo cover, metal cover, acrylic cover, and a two-tone leather cover are also available.


  • Each page of a flush-mount album lays flat, allowing for a panoramic spread.  Pages are printed on a smooth, luster surface allowing for a crisp, clean look for your album.  There is no gutter in the middle.  Take note of the design of the pages as you go through them – I design each and every page in a way that a storyline is created.


  • As you can see below, each flush-mount album page is very thick.  The album shown below comes in regular black edging.  Silver, gold, and all-black edging is available.


  • Introducing the Modern Photo Book – a thinner, more affordable option for smaller events, engagement sessions, guest photo books, and wedding books for parents.  A custom-designed satin photo cover is standard.  60-page 10×10 book is shown.  The noticeable crease near the bind of the book goes away when a lighter colored photo cover is used.  A leather cover with an optional cameo, a metal cover, and an acrylic cover are also available.


  • Pages are printed on a smooth, luster surface allowing for a crisp, clean look for your book.  Each page lays flat with no middle gutter.


  • The pages are thinner, making them more compact than a flush-mount album.


  • Here’s another Modern Photo Book that I designed for Gladson & Blessy.


  • Introducing Framed Prints!  Frames are displays that will always stay in style.  An 11×14 print on a 2″ inch bronze frame is shown.  You might not be able to see it, but this photo is covered with acrylic!  Acrylic is a clear plastic that resembles glass but stays strong and protects your print.  More frames are available.


  • A 12×18 print on a 2″ inch black frame shown.


  • New Canvas Gallery Wraps!  These awesome displays are great for your home.  A canvas print is wrapped around a wooden frame.  A 12×18 1.5″ inch wrap is shown.  Gallery wraps are also available on a 2.5″ inch frame.


  • This is one of my favorites.  A 12×18 Float Wrap is shown.  It really floats on your wall!


  • Okay, I lied.  There’s a gatorboard block backing behind each float wrap – available in either a 3/4″ or 1.5″ inch block.


  • This is the Standout mount – a print that is pasted onto either a black, white, wood, or stainless steel block.  A 12×18 Standout is shown with wood edging.


  • Standout mount with black edging


  • Standout mount with stainless steel edging


  • If you’re one of my wedding clients, you’ll receive this in the mail when your photos are ready.  Your photos will arrive as digital files on DVD in a customized case.


  • If you have an engagement session with me, you’ll get something like this – standard.  A customized CD in a cool CD tin.

If you have any questions regarding any of these products, let me know.

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