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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like you to photograph my wedding! Where do I begin?!

Great! You can reach me via the contact form, direct e-mail, or phone. I’ll let you know if I’ll be available on the date(s) you would like to have me cover. If I’m available, then we can schedule a quick meeting to discuss the wedding further. If you’re far away, we can take care of everything electronically.

How do I secure the date with you?

If you sign the contract and pay the 25% retainer, then you’re all set! First come, first serve.

Do you travel? Do you charge for travel?

Of course I travel! I also do charge for travel depending on where your event will take place. I am currently based out of Long Island, New York.

I’m having a destination wedding and would love to have you as our photographer. What are some things I should know?

I love destination weddings (don’t we all?). The same rates apply for your destination wedding. However, things like airfare, hotel stay, food/facilities, and any permits should be covered in advance.

Do you offer video/cinematography?

Unfortunately I do not. But if you contact me, then I can refer you to some awesome video/cinematography teams that I work with that are highly recommended.

Do you have a team? How many people are on it?

I’m a one-man team!  However, you can definitely book a 2nd photographer from me if needed (see next question for more info). The 2nd photographers that I hire also have their own photography businesses and are wonderful people to work with.

Do you work with an assistant? Or 2nd photographer? Do I need a 2nd photographer?

I work with an assistant on occasion. If you would like to have a 2nd photographer on your special day, then I can arrange for that. After the initial meeting, I can suggest if a 2nd photographer would be beneficial. A 2nd photographer is great to have especially if the bride and groom are getting ready far away from each other and at the same time.

If I book you for the wedding, will you be there? Or will you send someone in?

I will DEFINITELY be there, period. I will absolutely not book if I know that I can’t be there.

Can I send you my Pinterest board, poses I found online, and/or shot list?

Sending over your wedding itinerary is recommended, but not the above things. You should book a photographer that you trust in their ability and creativity. Family shot lists should be given to the wedding coordinator or a family member that knows everyone best!

Do you have backup equipment? How about insurance?

Absolutely. I already shoot with two camera bodies, and I have another one stowed away in my bag.  Also, my camera allows me to shoot with two memory cards that write to both at the same time. If one of them malfunctions, your images will be safe on the other. I have insurance coverage on all of my equipment. If your venue asks for liability insurance documentation, please let me know and I will add them to my additional insureds.

Speaking of backup, what are your next steps after an event or shoot?

Directly afterward, I backup all of my cards onto two hard drives, and then back them up one more time onto an external hard drive. Your completed images will also be stored on all three drives, and a cloud storage area.

Do you provide RAW files, or only edited images? How many edited images do you generally give? Are these images watermarked? Can I print these photos on my own?

Unfortunately, I do not provide RAW files, but I always give edited JPG files in high-resolution. The amount of images ranges and depends on the type of event, shoot, and how demanding it may be. Please contact me if you’d like to find out more. The high-resolution images that you will receive will NOT be watermarked, and you can print them on your own!

What type of media do you use to deliver images?

For photo sessions, I usually deliver digital images electronically. For smaller events – electronically and on USB. If you book your wedding events with me, then you will receive your photos electronically and on a custom USB drive in a custom case.  After you receive your photos, please make sure to back them up onto your computer just in case you lose your media!

I want to book an engagement session with you. Tell me more!

I love engagement sessions! And I love it when excited couples want to get creative with their shoot. If you’re excited but clueless on what to do, then let me know and I can help you out with the theme, locations, wardrobe, props, and so on. My engagement sessions usually last about 2 hours on-location. Travel charges may be incurred depending on the location chosen. After the session, I give about 50+ edited images in high-resolution.

Do you hold engagement sessions on weekends or weekdays, or both? And how early can I book?

Both! However, I recommend booking engagement sessions on weekdays (minus Fridays) especially during the busy season. If you absolutely cannot book a weekday, then contact me about 2 weeks before your requested weekend date and I will see if I am available.  I usually book engagement sessions 2-3 weeks in advance, unlike events which are booked months or even a year in advance.

Do you offer albums? Do you design them yourself? Where are they made?

Yes and yes! I offer albums and photo books of different sizes and page amounts. I design every album myself because I know how hard it is to choose pictures, put them into an album, and have it look good at the same time.  My designs are minimalist and elegant – I design them carefully and pay attention to every page to make sure it flows. My albums are made right here in the good ol’ USA. Also, I will send you a preview of the album design itself to see if you approve — no surprises.

What about guestbooks? Posters, canvases, prints?

I offer all of those! For example, if you need a guestbook made or something enlarged for your wedding day, then let me know and I’ll take care of it. Wedding planning is difficult, so you can leave that stuff up to me.

Do you give only color images? What about black & white?

I mainly give color images, and I give select images in black & white. But don’t worry, those black & white images given will have their own color versions.

How do I share my photos with friends/family? Also, will you make a blog post?

All of the photos given to you will also be uploaded to my Zenfolio account, where you will be able to share your photos with friends and family. They can even order prints/downloads directly from the online gallery. I’m usually behind on my blog posts, but you’ll be on it for sure!

Can I post my images to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc?

You certainly can. If you do, just make sure to write ‘Photo Courtesy of A.S. Nagpal Photography’ in the caption or you can tag my Facebook fanpage and/or Instagram page.

So guess what, I’m pregnant! I want to take some maternity photos with you. When should it happen and where?

In my experience, maternity shoots take place between 6-8 months. Once we get acquainted, I’ll be able to help you out with possible locations, wardrobe, theme, props, and so on.

What if it’s raining on the day of the shoot or wedding day?! Or what if it’s too cold/windy?

Don’t fret. I’ve taken plenty of engagement photos in the rain and it can actually be an opportunity to capture more romantic shots under an umbrella. If you despise rain, then we can always reschedule. If it’s raining on your wedding day, then no worries. I have an umbrella just for you two (or even better, you can get your own if you plan ahead). Yes, we can take photos indoors, but how awesome would it be to get some rainy, romantic shots in? If it’s too cold or windy, then you can either tough it out and take them outdoors, or we can take some equally awesome indoor shots – it’s up to you!

If I book you for my wedding day, when will you arrive and leave?

I arrive when the bride and groom are starting to get ready (or mid-way) and leave at the very end of the reception. Many photographers like to leave usually after the first hour of dancing, but in my experience – guests go wild until the very end, especially during the last 20 minutes! I gotta get those moments!

What happens if we go over the contracted time?

If you scheduled a certain amount of hours and we go over about 30 minutes or so, then no worries. If we go over at least an hour, then I’ll have to charge a late fee.